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As a service provider, Chemtech Graphic Supplies – a business unit of Chemical & Technical Suppliers (I.O.) Ltd., offers an official channel through The Website. The Website provides access to various categories of products and information to the local and regional graphic industry.

Article I. Copyright
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Article II. Intellectual Property Rights
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All of The Company’s product content, including but not limited to videos, online products are copyrighted material. Without express written permission from The Company, you must never copy, reproduce, translate, tailor products, create new products or derivative works using the displayed products in any written, visual, or audio form without written consent.

Any such activity constitutes an infringement of The Company’s copyright or proprietary rights and may result in legal action and financial penalties.

All requests for permission must be made in writing. In advance of inteded use and will be reviewed. Permission Agreements will be negotiated and determined. All agreements must be signed by the individual or organisational representative requesting use of copyrighted material. The request must be authorised by a representative of The Company.

Article III. External Links
The Website may contain links to independent third-party websites. Such links are provided only for the convenience of visitors and users. You can visit any and all the linked websites entirely at your own discretion and risk. However, The Company shall assume no responsibility for the outcome of any such interactions.

Article IV. Unlawful or Prohibited Use
You may not use The Website in any manner which could damage, disable, overburden or interfere with any other party’s use or enjoyment of The Website or The Website itself. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available or provided for through The Website.

Article V. Privacy
The Website is subject to The Company’s Privacy Policy. The details of which can be viewed by selecting “Privacy Policy” in the “About Us” page.

Article VI. Reservation of Rights
The Company reserved the right to perform the following actions at any time without giving notice:
• Suspend or terminate operation of, or access to, all or part of this website, irrespective of the reason;
• Fix or alter all of part of the content of this website as well as any applicable policies, terms or clauses;
• Suspend operation of all or part of The Website for all the purposes of maintenance, alteration of error, or other such changes at regular or irregular interval without at any time

Article VII. Disclaimer
The Company does NOT promise or guarantee the availability, continuity and accessibility to The Website, its contents or its services. All the services included on or otherwise made to you through The Website are provided “As Is” and “As Available”. You, as the user, bear all responsibilities for usage of The Website and any website or link associated with it. Should you feel dissatisfied with all of any part of The Website, your only course of remedial action is to stop using all or part of The Website.

Article VIII. Indemnify
You agree to indemnify and hold The Company, its employees, agents, partnets, directors and successes in interest, completely harmless from all liabilities, claims and expenses, made against The Company in connection with your use of The Website.

Article IX. Breach of Terms & Conditions of Use
Should you breach any of these Terms & Conditions of Use or any other rights of The Company, The Company reserves the right to terminate your access to The Website, block you from accessing The Website or impose legal charges wherever and whenever applicable.

If The Company revokes your access to The Website, as a result of you having breached these Terms & Conditions of Use, The Company assumes no liability towards you or any other third-party.